Friday, April 03, 2009

A fear of an another kind

Extremism was in my blood,

fanatical was my approach called,

a terrorist is what they branded me,

fools are they, I am the ‘son of the Almighty’,

sent by Him in this world,

to help a cause called- ‘Jihad’.

I knew from the very beginning the purpose of my life,

searching which most of the people spend whole of their lives,

it was to destroy the foes of my GOD,

and to protect the people of my faith against all odds.

Awaiting the day when roads open for me to the heaven,

tirelessly night and day I had striven.

Alas! The day of salvation did come,

when I accomplished my mission,

bombs and bullets everywhere,

went unceasingly in that brainless state,

until before my gun stood a child so helpless,

seeing the fear in his eyes my wits came to its senses,

in just a matter of seconds,

I had changed the world around.

Oh! my God, what had I done,

a sudden jolt shook my world,

rose to the sight all my hair strands,

the gun fell off my shivering hands,

in front of me, the child still stood frozen,

while my mind wandered searching for an emotion.

The castle of my dogma and creed,

that stood firm for years on a false ground,

the stare into those eyes,

in a moment shattered it all.

In a sea of guilt I drowned,

the soul in the air, the body on the ground,

this alive corpse I surrendered before the law,

like a snake readily embracing an eagle’s claw.

From the dark and gloomy walls of the prison

as I write this with bloody tears,

my heart is filled with a fear,

for a name synonymous with terror,

it is hard to believe – is a victim of fear,

I suffer from the worst of the fears,

the fear of looking at myself again in a mirror.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A concave epitome of pleasure

Free as the breeze I am,
always on the move,
popular with all I am,
on the disc of emotions, I groove.

Habitual of people inviting me,
and I do oblige to everyone,
always have a companion to accompany,
hence never do I travel alone.

Many adversaries I have,
their presence drives me away.
Time is an ocean, I am a wave,
gleefully to its tunes I sway.

Although never have I kept any expectations,
can I expect your invitation?

Oh! forgot to tell all this while,
my comrade is happiness
and I am Smile,
who my foes are is for you to guess !

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Straight from the heart!


Came to this earth against my wish,

the purpose of my existence, I often quiz,

seldom people understand the way you are,

you can’t mould yourself differently for each one of them for sure.


The extent of airborne mind seemed limitless,

ambitions were always boundless,

most of them remained unfulfilled for at times conditions were tough,

and sometimes the will to do, wasn’t strong enough.


Life seems to be heading nowhere,

looking back, everything appears a futile affair,

plenty to cry for but what’s the use,

what is gone is gone; better to ponder on what is on.


The world is indeed acquisitive,

but it’s not for yourself but others too, you live,

it is hard to make everybody content,

but living up to your expectations is at least important.


Forget the past in a sigh; seek what in the future lies,

will you stand the test of time?

life is not as easy as it may seem,

it’s time to plunge into action, enough of the dreams.


Before I sleep, lots of promises are there to keep,

I just don’t wanna die so cheap…

Saturday, March 29, 2008


My love for you is more than words can say,
the smell of yours makes my mind sway,
too beautiful a feeling it is to hear your voice and see you smile,
all this makes my heart flutter and skip beats for a while.

I feel your emotions as my own,
your touch tells me, I’m home,
you make the world fade away and time for me stand still,
that is the time when no task to me looks uphill.

Everything in the world seems to be in galore,
but what is not is your love and care,
my mind wanders in space at the speed of light,
look into my eyes and you will find it moist,
the words that I speak are never to be heard,
and all I want from you is your promising word.

Nobody listens to what I say,
all I need is someone to guide through my way,
having no one to talk makes the anger build within,
I don’t want my head to burst like a can of tin.

I fight with myself all the time,
wishing to take the ‘extreme step’ though knowing it’s a crime,
from this well of depression I want to come out,
I have this huge urge to shout.

Just want to release the real me from being hidden within,
your adoration alone can do this thing,
I beg of you to help me out,
for support, this lonely heart cries out aloud.

Sachin Sharma


As the seasons on the earth change,
so does change our mind and states,
when the wheel of life rolls on,
there are moments of joy, moments when you are forlorn,
moments of despair and of hope,
add true sense to life while its horses elope.

All seems so well, when mind is in bliss,
out goes it soul-searching, when lips of desperation kiss,
such a voyage, I, often embark,
endless stares through the glass not very stark,
the life seems to be gone, flaring before my own true eyes,
there seems no more laughter and no more cries,
falling slowly until everything stops,
and nothing is going to work, it seems, in my quest to make it carry on.

I cry out aloud to my inner self,
tomorrow will be a special day,
the day I try to comprehend what happened to me that normal day,
I was outside just wanting to play.

You never know what’s there in the deep dark corner back in your mind,
trying to know what’s in store there for you,
a nagging feeling comes up telling you,
you won’t like what you are going to find.

No direction to turn, stuck in the middle,
special people close to you gone, yet another fiddle,
you have got to take the road not many dare,
when life looks to be over and nobody cares.

For there’s a wise man’s saying,
“Hope is the one, which keeps you going.”

As the pages of our life turn,
we read the future with anticipation,
yesterday’s stories add dimensions to tomorrow,
chapters of past lend life to chapters yet written,
mistakes are counted not as regrets but as lessons,
optimism is the one thing that’s ever essential,
may the tome of tomorrow bring us joy,
and let there be nothing to moan,
for the show of life must go on.
- Sachin Sharma